Vacation Prefab House

Dalian Quacent, invested by Canadian, has set up the first professional SIPS manufacturing line in China to provide SIPS panels to builders and contractors worldwide. We use the best available technology and stringent quality control methods.


The below products are available

  • SIPs Prfab House
  • Light Gauge Steel Prefab House

They benefit both homeowners and builders

Energy efficiency - by far the biggest benefit of the SIP system. SIPS home can save  

                              40% to 60% on heating and cooling costs - forever!

Money saving - Quacent SIPS requires less on site labor - saving you money.

                         Quieter and healthier living environment -- Each panel is typically made by 

                          laminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) between two structural skins of 

                          oriented strand board (OSB) or fiber cement board. Because Quacent SIPs are

                          so air tight, creates quiet ,to promote healthier air quality and to control



Green Product -replaceable tree crops. contains no CFCs,

                         (chlorofluorocarbons) or formaldehyde.


Builder Benefits

  • Faster Construction - Generally 2-3days site installation.
  • Less Framing Labor -  Building with Quacent SIPS requires less on site  labor - saving you money.
  • Near Zero site waste - Another benefit of SIPs is the reduction of job sitewaste, reducing the cost of waste disposal. .
  • Less material theft .
  • Fully Customized - SIPs has no error. Each panel is numbered to correspond with a computerized CAD panel blueprint.  taking the hassle and guesswork out of design and quality control on-site. Maintaining a consistent profit margin becomes easier with SIPs.
  • Strength Truss roof truss roof support a lot of peoples

        . A SIP house can be 20-50% stronger than a typical wood frame house.


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